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How long does it take to implement this program?

Our engagements are designed to take between 12 to 24 months depending on the beginning status of your organization and the overall level of engagement of your team.

How much does the program cost?

The investment in a coaching engagement can vary depending on, among other factors, the size of your company and the total scope of services provided.

Is this program complicated?

While the Scaling Up framework is comprehensive and thorough, the lack of unnecessary complication is what makes it so powerful.

Do we really need a business coach?

Not necessarily. Check out the Value of a Coach page to learn about the advantages of working with a coach and how you can evaluate the ROI of your coaching investment.

Why should we work with Perficio Partners?

We have firsthand experience successfully implementing Scaling Up while also leading a business. So we can relate to the challenges business owners and leaders face when introducing change to their organization.

How do we know if we are ready?

While it may be too much to ask that all your leaders be “ready”, certain conditions make it more likely that together we finish what we start. Use this FREE 5-minute readiness assessment tool for a quick guage.

We’ve tried something like this before. Will it be different with Perficio?

Organizational change is rarely easy and it takes time to establish new habits.  That’s why we take a phased approach, starting with strong foundational elements and introducing more Scaling Up components over time.

What if this program isn’t working?

The Scaling Up framework has worked for thousands of organizations around the world. That said, it is possible that we start an engagement only to find that it isn’t working for your firm.

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